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Every feature you will need to buy or sell software at a rapid pace. Close on software deals in less than 10 days.

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Identity verification

Protection from fraud. Payment protection

Escrow Payments

Built with Stripe. Protected with Stripe.


Legal contracts that are binding. Protected by signatures.


Encrypted communication between buyers and sellers.

Zoom meetings

Create code review sessions after your offer is approved.

Multi Factor authentication

Built on the highest level of security for all users.

Bank accounts

We use Plaid to securely connect your bank accounts.

Listing verification

Every listing must go through a rigorous verification by us.


Stay in the know about everything listing and offer related.

Two Factor Authentication



Every seller and buyer must go through an identity verification to ensure you are protected from fraud.

Protection from fraud

Each user whether a buyer or seller must verify their identity using Stripe identity.

Listing approved by us

Every listing goes through our rigorous verification process.

Two Factor Authentication

Every user account must use two factor authentication to verify themselves to ensure maximum security.


Sign legally binding contracts. Completely protected. Shared between buyers and sellers.

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Fardoss Custom Binding Contracts
Fardoss Sign Binding Contracts


Code review meetings

The only way to protect your intellectual property and prove the software works is a meeting between buyers and sellers.

Zoom meetings

Schedule free meetings between each party to go over software related questions.

Transfer Access

Once buyers and sellers are ready to move forward, sellers must transfer all sandbox and live accounts integrated into the software.

Software delivery

Once the seller is ready to give you access, you can download the software straight from your dashboard.

Schedule Code Review Meetings for your software acquisition
Fund your offers in software acquisitions using Stripe Escrow


Use Stripe Escrow to protect your payment.

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Connect using Plaid

Connecting your bank account is instant and all your information is secured through Stripe.

Offer funding

Once your offer has been approved by the seller, you can fund the offer directly into an escrow account only you control.

Release payments

When the software is exactly as shown through your meetings, you can release the payment and the contract is legally binding forever.


Stay connected.

After an offer is created, the seller is given access to messaging the buyer to create a smoother flow of communication.

Send messages

Messages sent straight to other users without giving your personal information like your phone number or email.

Upload images and links

Upload images and share links between other users for a better user experience.

Stay secure.

Encrypted communications so your legal talk is safe.

Chat Messages for Software Acquisitions

No contracts. No catches. Simple.

List your software for free. Make an offer for free. Cancel anytime.

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