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Secure your deals: Escrow payments done right!

When acquiring valuable software assets, protecting your investment and intellectual property is paramount.

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Fardoss connects with Stripe and Plaid for security.
Funding Software Acquisitions Offers

Stripe Escrow

Funding offers

Buyers have complete control over their investment throughout the deliverable process.

Protection from fraud

Each user whether a buyer or seller must verify their identity using Stripe identity.

Offer funding

Before you fund an offer, you can ask the seller to sign a legally binding contract.

Withdraw funds

If during your code review meetings, you decide the software is not a right fit, you can instantly withdraw your funds with no hassle or limitations.


Shielding buyer investments with every identity verified.

All users must go through verification to list and buy software.

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All Offers in software acquisitions.
Refund your investment on software acquisitions.

Seller Payouts

Control your earnings

After you successfully sell your software, send your revenue directly to your bank account the minute it is released.

Built with Stripe

Stripe securely handles sending your earnings to your bank account.

Plaid integration

Securely connect your bank account information with Plaid. No sensitive information ever.

Send your software acquisitions payouts directly to your bank account.

No contracts. No catches. Simple.

List your software for free. Make an offer for free. Cancel anytime.

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