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Securing your software acquisition

Our comprehensive approach ensures that every step of the acquisition process is shielded with robust security measures.

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Stripe Identity Verification for Software Acquisitions.
Two Factor Authentication for Software Acquisitions.

Stripe Identity

Confirm identities with confidence

Our Stripe KYC process is strong and uses the best resources to verify identites.

No Fraud Losses

Buyers have full control over their investment. Sellers have full control of their software and sales.

Trust and Safety

The number of scammers right now is zero and we plan on ensuring it stays that way. It is our biggest priority to ensure everyone is who they really are.

Two Factor Authentication

This type of authenticaton ensures that users have full control of their platform.


A rigorous process that ensures every piece of software is legally owned by the seller.

Our team approves every listing and ensures the software you are buying is as expected.

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Software Listings that go through a verification process.
Verified Software Acquisition Listings


Stay connected.

After an offer is created, the seller is given access to messaging the buyer to create a smoother flow of communication.

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Send messages

Don't ever give away your personal info. Connect with other users without sharing any details.

Upload images and links

Share your confidential files and links with ease.

Create Zoom meetings

Meet face to face with a potential buyer and seller.

Chats with Software Acquisitions

No contracts. No catches. Simple.

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